2018 fashion in a shell

February 26, 2018

Trends come and go, but so far, accessories inspired by nature are going strong in 2018. The shell in particular seems to be this year’s accessoire, not only in women’s fashion.

Beach shell: http://bit.ly/2EHDt8g

I can hardly imagine that this will result in all men wearing shell necklaces in 2018 – not all of us like the surfer look. What I can predict, is that animals, as well as the different forces of nature, will have a prominent place in this year’s men’s fashion. This year’s collections will feature a lot of nature tones, inspired by blue skies, gray and white clouds, water, coral and sea creatures.

10 Facts About Corals: http://bit.ly/2EYJ6hR

Also, animals that are not in the water will be noticed more. One animal in particular that will make its comeback in this year’s designs is the bird, represented mainly through feathers and silhouettes.


These themes and inspirations will be set to fabric in increasingly less traditional, weirder structures. Much is expected from the use of 3D, which has been on the rise lately.


Adidas 3D Running Shoe: http://bit.ly/2ogpwUv

In 2018 there is a strong feeling throughout the fashion industry that things are going to change. Streetwear is going to play a bigger role than ever before.

Big fashion houses simply can not ignore streetwear anymore, as was already shown in last year’s collaborations between Louis Vuitton and Supreme and between Gucci and Coco Captain.

Gucci x Coco Capitan collaboration: http://bit.ly/2orq9u2

This is just the start of hip-hop and youth culture’s continuing rise to prominence in fashion. Already, rappers and other role models of street culture are involved in high fashion a lot. As this trend spreads wider, streetwear and high fashion will blend even more.


This year again, these developments are powered for a large part by British subculture. Much is expected from designers like Kim Jones. Especially now that he has left the confines of Louis Vuitton. Established houses like Gucci seem to be embracing the culture too; art director Allesandro Michele is clearly in love with the English manor theme.


A$AP Rocky: http://bit.ly/2odS7Kn

This contributes to the ongoing trend of implying vintage elements in high fashion. As for streetwear, the Eighties and Nineties prove to be particularly inspirational. Take a look at Burberry, for example. Last year’s Christopher Bailey’s collection was for a huge part a nineties revival, covered in a streetwear vibe. Off course, everybody keeps watching Raf Simons for this, according to many people the king of streetwear.


I think there is much to expect from designers and creative directors like these, who seem less bound by traditions. Less prone also to settle in to traditional houses and visions, but constantly reinventing themselves. They will change the fashion landscape along with them.

Burberry Christopher Bailey last show: http://bit.ly/2CBiKgo

Another trend in this year’s fashion will be the return of pop art. Noticeably in the drawings on shirts and accessories. Mixing classic pop art into fashion, like in last year’s Nike X Steven Harrington collaboration, will also be likely to happen more often this year.


The entrance of pop arts’ artsy graffiti-like vibe in collections is yet another sign that street fashion and high fashion are becoming more intertwined. 


Nike X Steve Harrington: http://bit.ly/2odSVin

At Paul Crow we witness these developments with excitement. Watching street culture blend with high fashion naturally fills us with pride, dedicated as we are to bringing the two together in unique items of fashion.


There’s a lot to look out for in 2018. I hope you guys are as excited for it as we are.






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