March 10, 2018


It’s been a beautiful time, last week winter weather dominated Europe. The snow caused heavy traffic problems in the UK but there was also a fun side: people were throwing snowballs and were ice-skating outside (in the Netherlands).


Now the snow is melted and it is starting to look more like spring. Along with the changing of the seasons, Fashion is moving fast forward with it. There have been a few groundbreaking shows in Paris for the winter/fall 2018/2019. Everybody is talking about the Gucci and Balenciaga show, which are dominating Instagram. 


Gucci head:


Sculpted heads and dragons where showcased by the models on the Gucci show. Interesting components of the Balenciaga show where the use of layers in outfits. Layering is going to be big this season, so don’t be scared to put on a jacket. And you know what? Put another jacket on top of that, or a bodywarmer underneath. Layering like this is going to be big next winter. We will follow up on this trend in a later fashion bit.





Balanciaga layering


To my surprise, The Balenciaga show featured a lot of graffiti in the background – an upcoming trend I talked about in last week’s fashion bit. Balenciaga made revolutionary use of the upcoming 3-D technique to give the outfits their signature bulges.



Signate buldges


Also, there was a lot of vintage influence, inspired by 80’s and 90’s designs. We love that at PAUL CROW. Being a nineties kid, it makes you smile every time you watch a show featuring all the things that had such a huge influence on us as kids back in the nineties.


For this season, there will be a lot of influences by streetwear and pop art in fashion. Things that are going to be big (again) on clothing items are: smileys, numbers, graffiti and a lot of streetwear and pop art influences, as well as neon-styled clothing. It seems as if the most divergent features of the 80’s and 90’s are going to be big. This trend was already visible last year, with the rise of the dad shoe and the dad hat.  


Balanciaga numbers


Another throwback trend in clothing, is that seizes are going up. The era of the skinny fit seems to have come to an end, as everything is getting wider now. As far as comfort goes, this must be quite the relief for some of us. Comfort is also clearly present in the most important fashion items for next year, the roll neck and the hoodie. Notice you can wear those together!




Moving on from 80’s and 90’s trends to the future. Undoubtedly, that future is for a large part in block chain. Do you know what blockchain is? Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin an almost all other digital currencies. There are a lot of big Fin Tech companies investing in it.




Blockchain is going to be big in the fashion industry too. Why? Block chain makes it possible to keep track of a company’s complete manufacturing process. On top of that, to prevent counterfeits, chips are being developed that mark clothing pieces to be genuine. These chips will be sown into clothing pieces and can be scanned with your cell phone. Will this be the future of fashion? Who knows. Certainly, this is something the conscious costumer of the future will value.



Developments like this are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s are a lot of things to watch in fashion and it changes by the week. So, keep your eyes peeled for next week’s fashion bit. In the meanwhile, keep doing your thing and keep looking sharp.





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