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March 27, 2018


It has been a while. The previous fashion bit was from some time ago, but we are back and on top of our game. We talked a lot about fashion (shows) the last times. This week we will discuss our vision.


We have seen that current fashion draws it’s inspiration for a big part from the streets. As we pointed out before, and as recent fashion shows tell, this inspiration increasingly comes from the not so far past. The eighties, the nineties, and even the noughties – the first decade of the 21st century – are coming back in style.



Fashion Noughties:


With this, the fashion world is also hugely influenced by social media. As a result of developments like these, fashion is becoming more versatile. Boundaries between styles are beginning to fade. At PAUL CROW we think it is time to smash these barriers completely. We’ve got our CROW-bars ready and we are planning on smashing some things in the future.




Soon there will be a sample collection for the spring and summer, that will feature some bright colors to light up the streets. In the meantime, we would like to share some of the things that inspire us to design our collections.


First off, we are in love with the Grime scene, the bold UK answer to US Hip-Hop. Despite the sound of Grime leaning more and more to regular Hip-Hop and Pop music, it’s still noticeably different. British rappers don’t want to sound like their American colleges. They’ve got their own sound and vision of how Hip-Hop is supposed to be. This originality makes grime a youth influence that can’t be escaped from by British rappers, or any rapper for that matter. This was already shown last year, as rappers like Skepta, Stormzy, and J Hus came to mainstream shine. This year, we think the Grime scene will really come to maternity.





Will this more mature grime scene dominate Hip-Hop in the future? It is a possibility. The main reason that we follow this UK music scene’s every move though, is different. As we mentioned in earlier entries, these rappers spend a lot of their time involved in fashion. UK rappers are becoming fashion icons, like their colleagues A$AP Rocky and A$AP Nast did overseas. No wonder that these two are regularly found in London, where fashion is booming. More than ever, London seems to be the place to be for creative people. We know it’s celebrated in British culture to be eccentric, perhaps this is why creative people from all over the world set up shop there. Considering fashion, Dover street now seems to be the capital of the world.



Dover Street:


Talking about eccentricity, let’s share some more things that inspire us at PAUL CROW. Art, for example. We are big lovers of art, and not only the musical kind we discussed before. Paintings and poetry are a big inspiration too. William Blake had a big influence on our thinking, like he had on the thinking of the English in general. His paintings are strange, hauntingly beautiful and very religious. The words of his poetry have inspired many people and are one of the main inspirations of PAUL CROW’s fashion religion.


Blake is not the only artist we drew inspiration from. Our colour scheme for example, is inspired by pop art. David Hockney, whose best-known painting is ‘The bigger splash’. He has a lot more to his name, and we love all of it. Another pop art artist we admire, mostly for his one-line drawings, is the great Keith Harring. A non-Brit for a change, but who cares? We draw inspiration from all over the world. If it inspires us we work with it.

Another English artist that inspires us is painter Francis Bacon, whose art is so shocking that it awakes you and sweeps you of your feet.



David Hockney:


All these influences will be visible in our spring and summer sample collection 2018. What that collection looks like stays a surprise off course, but we can guarantee you it will not be boring. Keep following this blog to sneak a peek at new developments. Off course we’ll continue to keep you up to date with the latest fashion news and inspirations there.


And remember, you can always join the fashion religion. Hit the like button on Instagram, leave a comment, or follow us if you like our vision. You can also subscribe, to get the latest news from us in your inbox, at


Keep doing your thing on the road and we will keep doing ours!






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