First collection now available

October 26, 2018

First collection now available


We are back with some inspiring fashion news.


There are off course some recent developments in the fashion landscape to talk about. First off all, men have been getting more aware of fashion, and designers are taking notice. The interest in menswear has risen to a point where now even womenswear designers have taken on menswear, as showed by Issabel Marant and Stella McCartney. 



PAUL CROW. Photos by phicevisuals

Model: Ralph_vandenberg 


The second development is one that we have pointed out too many times already: the streets are making the rules of fashion these days, not the catwalks. As a visible result, ‘normal’ pieces are embraced by high fashion more than ever. The graphic T-shirt, hoody and the dad hat and clunky sneakers are among the most celebrated fashion items of 2018. This contributes to the following quote by Karl Lagerfeld, that seems to hold an awful lot of truth in these days:


Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.


-Karl Lagerfeld-


Fashion is fashion. No matter if you are ballin’ in an Yves Saint Laurent biker jacket, if you are mixing up high and low fashion pieces together, or if you are in a Nike tracksuit from tip to toe. Most people can’t even tell the difference until you show them the labels.


The main point is: some people have got style and that is not for sale. And style is not something you have to be born with, either. You will develop it, if you are willing to put in some time and effort. Off course, we like the labels too. We would be lying if we said we didn’t. Holding in your hands the first design of your own, with your own logo on it; there’s not a feeling in the world that can match that. It’s like holding your first pair of fresh Nike sneakers, back when you were a kid. It’s incredible.


 Issabel Marant menswear in Vogue:


Fashion makes people happy, that’s one thing that’s certain. And isn’t life all about that? Doing things that make you happy? At PAUL CROW, we’re enthused by the shapes, logos, structures and such of fashion. It’s what excites us and that’s why we do what we do: creating timeless, exciting, fresh and all new fashion, that allows you to be the best you.

This is visible in our new collection, which is now available.

Let’s get back to fashion developments. All through the fashion landscape, it looks like “niche is the new mass”. Now what does that mean? It means that people are drawn more and more to brands that are not as much big in business, but big in community building and personal attention for the costumer. At PAUL CROW we do our best we can to keep the costumer happy. The thing we like to do is communicate as much as we can with our customers to keep them satisfied.


PAUL CROW. Photos by phicevisuals

Model: Ralph_vandenberg


What is going to be big this year? First, workwear is going to be big. And everything is extreme and leaning to ugliness. The punk scene influence is going to be major again, everything that is alternative is going to be hot, so punk and goth will be in the spotlight this season. Now who would expect that? Pretty extreme culture to wake up the fashion scene, we are looking forward to it!


An Iggy Pop or A Johnny Rotten type of look? Sure, why not? Apart from that is the 80s also hot this season, big shoulder pads in suits, everything is even more oversized, evening tailoring is going loose again. And bright! Everything is bright. Yellow is an important colour. All the colours that are bright and flashy are relevant. Mix ‘m up the way you like it. Colour blocking is a main thing this season. The pinstripe suit is back again, and shearling jackets are a big thing.

England is trendsetter as to fashion developments, even in Hip-hop it is showing. The most important track on the latest ASAP Rocky album is the track: Praise the Lord (Da Shine). You can see American Hip-Hop and UK grime Hip-hop blending. On the latest Brock Hampton album Iridescence there are Grime influences. Also, you can see on both the album cover of Brock Hampton as in the ASAP music video the neon/warmth lamp shine. And the cover of the ASAP album is bright yellow. Yes, album covers can also tell something about the time spirit of fashion, strange enough.


We knew Skepta years ago when he was a rising star with his aggressive Grime and his black tracksuits. He is now a pioneer in Hip-hop and in Fashion. Really nice to see an artist rise that way.


In earlier blogs we said that the beach was going to be important this season in fashion, and what did we see at the Chanel show made by Karl Lagerfeld? A complete beach inspired fashion show! Ugh, we are getting more accurate every day on our fashion developments. And we love that.



Fashion show Channel:


So, what do we know now? English subculture is going to rise again. The keywords are: Punk, Alternative. The 80s are back again. Big suits, big shoulder pads, big shoes, wide clothing, bright and neon colours. Ow and we have got some new clothing ourselves. So, don’t hesitate to visit our Instagram and webshop.


The latest forecast? What is for the future to happen? We believe the universe is going to be big in the future. Everything that is about space is going to show in fashion. Stars, planets even, extraterrestrial life is going to be in the spotlight. It sounds strange but it is true. It is already showing at some brand, that have silver bright aluminum sort of clothing pieces that reminds us slightly of astronauts. Also, this year Niel Armstrong is relevant because of a new movie about the moon landing. So that is something to think about. Trump is still at the oval office, and there is a rise of right wing ideas. So maybe it is not strange some new (or old) counter-cultures will rise again.




That’s all the fashion news that we wanted to share with you this week. Keep watching PAUL CROW for more of our developments in fashion.


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Stay safe and until next time,



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