The latest fashion news and what kind of artist inspires us

November 23, 2018


Short summery


And we are back with some inspirational fashion news. We are going to talk about fashion developments. We will start with the 90s revival that is still not over and some inside PAUL CROW fashion news. How Hip-Hop music can help people to be more conscious these days (sounds strange but true). We will also explain why art is so inspiring and sometimes even funny to us. How fashion is changing and developing and how that Helps us break free. Why yellow so important this season and why bright colors are no longer only for spring and summer.


90s Revival still going strong


The latest shows have showed us that streetwear and (renewed) tailoring is getting more exciting every year and is merging with streetwear even more. This was best shown by Kim Jones for Dior Homme and Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton shows. Like we mentioned earlier, the shorts are going to be very short this summer 2019. Martine Rose, Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga and Vetements all demonstrated glamorous grunge/punk in their 90s rave inspired looks. So, the 90s revival is still not over and raves through the fashion landscape like 90s house music.


Despite the cycle glasses and the sometimes too much honoring of ugliness in fashion these days we love a lot of new and staying trends in the changing fashion landscape.




Inspiring Hip-Hop music 


Loyle Carner


First of all, we witnessed the rise of Loyle Carner last year. We started to notice him when he was coming up with his album: ‘Yesterday’s Gone’, the intro-track is very inspiring and motivational. This album is something we have not heard in a long time, it reminds us a bit of the J-Dilla/Common vibe from back in the days. We later discovered that the Album ‘Be’ from Common is one of his all-time favorite albums and that album was for a large part produced by J-Dilla, so that explains the soulfull sound of Loyel Carners Album. What makes the Loyel Carner album so great? The rapper is vulnerable, strong, loving and is completely his self, you can hear that on the album. He talks about the love for his mother, flipping pancakes and feeling alone. And that is very brave and strong.   





The next artist we want to cover is Logic, his rise came years ago, and he is still going strong to this day, the latest album mesmerized us. We thought he was going to repeat himself again in 2018 – that is a thing a lot of people complained about – he is talking about being bi-racial all the time. The strange thing is that all the old subjects were still there, growing up in a section 8 household, being bi-racial, his parents being addicted, but it was covered in so much positivity, that we get energetic every time we put on his latest album. He reflects on where he came from and the long way it took and all the hard work he had to put in to where he is now. He decided to celebrate that on this album and it sounds great. Enough is said, go and listen for yourself. 






Skepta is changing, we knew him from back in the days when he was still the rough grime boy that shouted out his lyrics and was kicking against everything. We thought he was the greatest one alive at that moment. The GOAT of Grime. We were jumping around on tracks like ‘Man’, ‘Shutdown’, and ‘That’s not me’.

At PAUL CROW we think he laid a foundation and inspired a lot of rappers these days. Even American rappers are putting in the grime influences and vice versa, grime is getting more mainstream. This is changing the sound of Grime and Hip-Hop music in general a lot. Much love to Skepta who is now a fashion icon, this Wednesday he put out a new track with Daisy Maby. Go and listen!

Oh, and if you want a positive vibe, put on Skepta - Energy (Stay far away).





Some time ago we made a BROCKHAMPTON artwork. The artwork of the Saturation 1, 2 and 3 mixtapes inspired us to make this.

We think this group is making a huge statement in music. They are the first so called Hip-hop boyband, but I think they cannot be pinned down to one genre and that makes this group so strong.


They have a member (Kevin Abstract) that is a rapper and openly gay. That is still very exceptional in Hip-hop music these days. The members of the band talk a lot about frustration, anxiety and all sorts of difficult subjects.

On the cover of Saturation 3 mixtape is the member Ameer Vann shown that is later kicked out of the group because of violent behavior towards his ex-girlfriend. The so-called boyband needed some time to regroup but they made a beautiful last album without Ameer Vann. And they still sound great.


Like or comment if you love BROCKHAMPTON. The artwork and t-shirt can be bought in the online store.






In the latest “What inspires us” we talked about Outkast. You need to get up get out and get something. Enough is said. Go and act on it.

So Hip-Hop music can be inspiring and does not have to talk about drugs, violence, money and sex all the time. There is some positivity and that needs to be spoken about.  



How fashion is changing


Fashion is changing and that is a nice thing. The streetwear items are getting more attention every season and that is important for change. The colour yellow is very present, why is that? Well, if you don’t know it yet, colours have a psychological aspect and yellow represents change. And a lot of change is going on and a lot of change is on its way. The fashion world is shaking more than ever and is defined by young people more and more. You can see that if you noticed that Virgil Abloh is even making time in his busy schedule to play as a DJ on the Travis Scott show. Change, Change, Change defined by youth culture. Where will this end? We don’t know but we are sure as hell excited about it. 


Trends you need to know for the new year


Vertical stripes, ugly and small sunglasses, cropped trousers, Clark Wallabies, modern take on wearing a suit (no shirt underneath it – yes, nothing- just the jacket. Jewelry for man, wear a lot of chains, even the one that you stall your bike with – we know it sounds funny, but it can look very stylish. Sneakers underneath your tailoring. And a lot of layering, yes even in spring and summer.


Inspiring Art


At PAUL CROW we love art, we like to look at art, make art, be inspired by art and so on. Everything that is cultural is connected and influenced by each other.  


The artist we want to cover is Francis Bacon.


He is an English artist that spent most of his career in France. He has made some beautiful artworks that are also very haunting. His paintings are beautiful but also scary or disgusting very often. The use of colours by Bacon is simply magnificent.  


We are in love with his art but a lot of time we are willing to make a joke or two about art.


Like the paintings below.

Well this painting looks like someone is going to disappear. Most likeley the pope because the painting is called: Study after Velázquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X. 


To us the painting reflects the feeling of when the time has come that your favorite clothing piece is out of fashion. 


 This painting is kind of terrifying. It is called 1946 and maby it reflects the horror of the second worldwar.


To us it looks like we had a bad day, it rains, everything is going wrong, but we still have our PAUL CROW umbrella the keep us dry, so it isnt all darkness after all. 



PAUL CROW art news


Yes, we are in to art big time. But we know that art is very expensive most of the time, so we have decided that we are going to do it our own way. We are making art, who is we? Well the PAUL CROW creative team. So, everyone is putting in some effort and a lot of people have got some wild ideas. Very soon there will be new artist on the PAUL CROW website. As soon the artworks of this artist arrive we will announce it, so don’t worry.


What are the stories behind the works that already on the website? Today we are going to pick up two works.


First, the BROCKHAMPTON artwork that is explained in the part Hip-Hop music that inspires us.





Second, there is another BROCKHAMPTON artwork that refers to their music. The artwork is called: “who’s society is this?” that is the first line from the song: “Money”. We saw the famous artwork of Roy Lichtenstein and we decided to make our own version. 





PAUL CROW fashion news


Now some PAUL CROW fashion news. We are always preaching about fashion on the streets and that a lot of the fashion trends are born on the streets these days. So, we have decided to hop out on the street more often. We have armed ourselves with a camera to go and spot some stylish men on the streets of the Netherlands first. The result shall be posted very soon on the website under ‘Streetstyle’. Later, the looks can be bought. We make a nice selection for you guys, so you can be even more stylish than you already are. So, keep this part of the website under your watch.


Keep looking sharp. Stay safe in all the clutter of life and until next time.